There are a few alternatives to the


plastic container and one is the Amazon water bottle.

These bottles have a large opening for easy filling the bottle.The bottom is not open water jug at all. It is sealed with a silicone sleeve that holds the bottle in place. This allows for a water bottle that will stand up to normal use, a lot of use.

The Amazon bottle comes in two styles. The first is a tall cylinder shape. The second is the rain style. Both come in two sizes.

The Amazon style is two liters. They are designed so the neck has a lower opening and it sits further down than the standard small style. This allows for a larger opening that still provides easy filling.

The Amazon rain style is great for those who live in areas that get rain. This style of bottle has a strap around the handle to hold the bottle in place when it rains. It fits in your car cup holder. These bottles are about the same price as the regular Amazon bottles but are more attractive to look at.

One of the main selling points for these Amazon bottles is that they do not leak. This is a common complaint of bottled water drinkers. The silicone sleeve does not allow any liquid to escape the bottle. The main reason that is the water is filtered through a multi-filtration system that also removes chlorine.

A water bottle is something that many people need to purchase every month. When you can buy one of these that holds a quart, you will save money each month. Most companies have special offers for people who buy this gallon of water. If you are like me and don’t drink that much water, you will find yourself buying one every month.

I like the Amazon bottle because they are convenient and they are environmentally friendly. We should all be doing our part to make our drinking water safer for consumption. Think about what an Amazon water bottle would cost you over time