Nobody likes condensation dripping from their sleeping camper, nose, and gear even when it’s been properly set up. That ugly exposed plastic on top of your Ford truck camper is hard to disguise unless you’re willing to pay for carpet stain removal or a coat of paint protection. Here’s how to set up your camp trailer for winter camping with a Ford truck camper – protect your camper, keep that ugly plastic off your truck, dry up those leaky camper doors, and dry up those leaky camper doors again before setting up camp again!

Your first stop on your truck camping adventure should be at your local campground. Most campgrounds offer great truck bed camper trailers to set up in with your truck. You can also rent from your local rental center or get a low-end RV fifth wheel, but if you want to go all out, there are custom RVs available that you may be able to drive from campground to campground.

Set up your camp area before you even arrive at your camp spot. Measure where you’ll set up your camper and have a good idea of how many people will be using it. If there are going to be kids on the trip, get an extra big tent and plenty of beds for them, preferably twin mattress sets for each bed. Even though you won’t have to do laundry, some people like to bring their own linens and sheets, so consider washing one side of the bed at a daycare center and bring a couple of suitcases to pack up your items before you go. A little planning ahead can make your truck campers transition into their new home much easier.

Your first step is to buy your camping equipment.You’ll need sleeping bags, cookware, a large tent for the ground, and camping on farms a camp kitchen. If you’re going to include utensils with your camping gear, get a good folding camping knife, as well as a small set of cooking utensils. If you’re going to include a camp kitchen, make sure that you have a grill or oven in your vehicle. Make sure you’re careful when cooking over the open flame because some sparks can start small fires that can easily spread and cause damage to everything in your RV. Your camp kitchen will probably last for quite some time, so invest in good camping supplies.

Plan to spend some time outdoors every night while on your truck campers. Practice setting up your camp and getting comfortable in your RV. This will save you time later on, once you’re actually on your road trip. The more comfortable you feel in your pickup, the easier it will be for you to get along the route and spend time outdoors each night.

Keep a portable camping shower in your truck bed camper interior to wash yourself after a long day on the road. Use your portable camping shower to wash your hair and face in the morning before setting off for another great drive. And use your camping shower to soak in a warm tub at night, so you can relax and kick back in your comfortable camper. Your truck bed camper interior will soon be like your own private house, complete with a bathroom, toilet and sink