For the last few years, they have fought a war for new jobs. If you are an RMT member or think that your membership is in danger, then you should be alarmed by the news that will emerge from the Public Inquiry into the Trade Union and RMT dispute.

The aim of the inquiry was to look at the conditions of all workers employed in the British Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) industry. This included all of the rail and bus companies, the major freight operators and the major shipping companies.However, it seems that the aim was not to look at the condition of the Best massage in Grapevine Texas unskilled and semi-skilled workers employed in the industry. Instead, the aim of the inquiry was only to be able to find out who should be responsible for looking after the RMT members.

So what has been uncovered in the report? It appears that the aim of the whole process was to prove that the RMT are no longer effective at defending the trade union members from unfair treatment.

The report is quite scathing of the RMT and the politicians who are trying to take the blame off the union and this is not surprising.The RMT has been very useful to the government in terms of increasing 76051 their public profile and promoting the idea that the UK is a ‘bargain’ nation. This allows them to claim that the National Minimum Wage and other welfare reforms are ‘restoring fairness’ in the UK.

However, this is not the case.As the Inquiry report states, many people in the UK who claim to be ‘taking action’ towards more public sector pay and 817-233-6582 better conditions are actually handing the hand to the Tory MPs who makes the rhetoric. The reason for this is obvious; they do not want to take the heat.

It Grapevine is obvious that this Inquiry is going to paint a very different picture to what the Labour politicians and the unions wanted. The result of this new report will be that no-one will feel that they are getting a fair deal.

This is the main problem that Unite and Unison have faced ever since the beginning of the Thatcher Government. They have always argued that the unions need to stand up for the workers and make sure that these workers get the same new jobs and decent conditions as the rest of the workforce.

Unfortunately, as more companies have disappeared, the UK trade union laws have become quite vague.Texas However, the government has realised that many people want change and they do not want the unions to do more than they have done.


, they have announced that they are taking a stand in order to protect the unions and it is now up to the RMT and the other unions to ensure that they do stand up for the workers and support their right to bargain collectively for a better contract

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Unions And The RMT Have Long Been At Odds With The Government And The Business Sector